Our Values

At Harvest Hosts, our core values are at the heart of everything we do. From providing outstanding customer service to creating unforgettable travel experiences, our values guide us in every decision we make. We strive to live these values every day, when interacting with both colleagues and members, and we’re committed to creating a workplace culture that reflects these values. By living our core values, we are able to deliver on our mission of providing unique and authentic travel experiences to our members, and in turn, achieve success as a company.

We win when the community wins

We are travelers, and we exist to serve the travel and destination community. We want everyone who interacts with Harvest Hosts – Members, Hosts, and partners alike – to benefit from the experience.

We hire people who deserve to have egos… but don’t

We believe in having a sharp team of self–starters who can work hard together and take charge of their success – but every success (and failure) is shared across the team.

We are focused on our goals, which create positive ripples

We are goal–oriented and dedicated to making profitable business decisions, which in turn can help people live happier lives through road travel and drive the success of small businesses.

We heart data

We believe that data–driven decisions lead to better results, and our team members embrace this mindset. Whether it’s questioning conventional wisdom or testing a bold idea, we aren’t afraid to try new things and learn along the way.

We communicate fearlessly

We recognize that it takes courage and trust to be honest with each other. Whether it’s giving or receiving constructive feedback, making information available, or communicating our shared vision, we are at our best when we have all the facts.

We all clean the RV

No matter the task, we are all willing to lend a hand and help one another both personally and professionally. Through unified effort and shared responsibility, we can achieve great things – while having a blast.

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